Donation Drive

All Donations will be used to help EVERGLOW in Pre- and Live-Votes on The Show! All donation transactions will be documented on the website for transparency, personal information will be undisclosed for privacy.

Event Period

Start: 10/08/2021 KST

End: An hour before The Show Live Broadcast

Donation Bracket/Raffle Prize

Less than 1 USD | Display Name will be on website’s donation page

1 – 2.99 USD | Participate in Upcoming Album Set (Pre-ordered from KTown4U) Raffle and above

3 USD or more | Participate in Custom 5 x 6 in (12.7 x 15.2 cm) LED Sign Raffle and all above

How to Donate

Click on the donation PayPal Donation icon. Please use “Family and Friends” option to donate.

After Donation

1. Join EGVERSE Discord. Make an account if necessary. 

2. On Discord, DM @Liza<3#4135 image of transaction for proof.
3. Once confirmed, you will receive “donation” tag which permits access to donor channels
4. Access the channel and click on the confetti reaction to participate in the raffle
5. Patiently wait for the Giveaway Bot to announce winner

Thank you for supporting EVERGLOW!

Good luck with the raffle draw and let’s give EVERGLOW their 3rd win!

Last Update: 11/22/2021 @ 9:24 AM EST

EGVERSE – 110 USD (Counting)

John M – 9.07 USD

Danielle F – 0.47 USD

Yoorimer – 5 USD

Sarawut J – 5 USD

Tami J – 6.33 USD

Amanda D – 5 USD

Junior R – 4.37 USD

Lawrence D – 20 USD

Lou V – 10.20 USD

Hannah R – 1.1 USD