[Behind the Scenes] 2022 Aisha and Sihyeon's Birthday Project

Thank you to all those who donated and supported our girls! Without your help, none of this would have been possible.

Sihyeon's Birthday Project

Preparing Sihyeon’s birthday project was one of the most difficult projects to date (as of 11/16/2022). We encountered issues with professional wrapping, Korean Customs Delay, and over budget expenses due to the first two issues. However, the items were delivered to the footsteps on Yuehua tower. Thank you to Tami and Dani would overworked sleepless nights on the canvas artwork.

Aisha's Birthday Project

This project was first proposed by Aisha Superfan Ven. We decide to join forces with her to help her purchase Aisha a nice clutch bag. This was our first project that went over the budget over $500 and with that accomplishment, we were extremely encouraged by the support forevers were giving. We purchased the clutch bag from mytheresa.com and had it shipped to South Korea for professional wrapping and delivery. 

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