About a month ago, we posted about our first project for our dear Onda and EU birthday. Our goals were either a subway ad or birthday cake. And when we got our funds ready, we realized that we needed to purchase our ad at least 3 weeks in advance, so we won’t be able to promote Onda and EU’s birthdays on time. So both admin Hannah and I got the designs ready in advance. We tried to come up with cake designs that fits our girl’s style.

In the 10th of this month, the same day we stopped receiving FOREVERS donations, we contacted the cake shop if they can make our cake they way we designed it. They had a lot of concerns that it might not come out the way we want it and asked for some time to think about it.

While waiting for the cake shop to accept our design, we sent an application to Yuehua for our support. After 2 days, 12th of May, the cake shop reached us confirming they’ll do their best making the cakes the way we designed it and we were happy that now the only thing we need is yuehua’s confirmation. However, it took longer than expected and we thought that Onda and EU would have their VLIVE together this year like they always do, but they didn’t.

So we contacted the cake shop to change the delivery day for EU’s cake, and they were very understanding to our situation and accepted to deliver EU’s cake the next day.


The cake arrived early to yuehua’s building around 12PM(KST)

Onda went live at 5PM(KST), making her own LION birthday cake while answering the questions FOREVERS sent for her balance game. She was happy to receive fans support and made a post expressing her gratitude to FOREVERS:

Seramie also brought pictures hereㅎㅎㅎ I was also the happiest on my 23th birthday❤️ Last year I was really happy and excited to celebrate my birthday together with Poryoongies & E:U unnie. I think it was an even happier birthday this year. Thank you for making Seramie as someone who's really loved more than anyone else, also for making me feel so loved🥰 Thanks to Podyoongies, it's a day swimming in the sea of happiness😚💕💕 As much as you made Seramie excited and happy, I also want to create more exciting, amazing, and happier moments than anything else for my Podyoongies☺️ Let's walk on the flower path together, Seramie will pour the confettiㅎㅎㅎ I love you today too, Podyoongies! ❣️


Due to possible traffic issue, unlike Onda’s, EU’s cake arrived a little late around 4PM(KST) to yuehua. EU went live at 6PM(KST) having FOREVER in her mind. She wanted to make a doll and give it to a lucky winner with an event. And of course, her birthday cake was there from the beginning.

The fan managers teased EU saying that my melody looks sad but EU liked the way it looks and said it looks cute.

Right after the VLIVE, EU shared pictures on twitter with her birthday cake:

Thank you for being with Jiwonie
Thanks to Forever it was a happy birthday♥️

Like that, our first project was successful. Thanks to the cake shop for their hard work on making our cakes and for delivering fans support through cakes on our Onda and EU’s birthdays. It was enough to make our girls feel the fans love and appreciation. And of course! that’s all thanks to all our donors for participating and contributing to this project. It won’t come to fruition if it weren’t for all of you! Thank you for making our Onda and EU happy on their special day.

On other news, we’re going to start our second project soon for both Aisha and Sihyeon. This time, instead of a cake support, we’re planning to hit a bigger goal this time. We will let you know about the details of Aisha and Sihyeon’s birthday support in another post once we get enough details.

Our TOP 3 donors to Onda and EU project will be announced on our twitter page and they’ll receive a special gift from our fanbase 😊

Thank you once again Forever, if you have any questions or suggestions or even fanbase cooperation for future projects you can always reach us through our Discord server or Twitter (@EVERGLOWFB)

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