EG✧VERSE 2022 Year-end Summary

Happy New Year Forevers. It’s that time of the year where we say goodbye to the previous year and say hello to the new year. We hope everyone is doing well and ready to support Everglow in 2023!

This fanbase was started back in 2021 in the hopes to provide a better fanship experience for Forevers while bringing an enhanced level of support. This year, we introduced and implemented many new ideas such as projects, subteam, and translations. Some ideas didn’t have the expected outcome we desired but others were well received. In particular, Projects was widely accepted and helped elevate our support for Everglow. Check out all of our projects from this year by click on the links below!

As a Fanbase, we learnt that building a bridge between Forevers and Everglow is important but it’s also critical to build a bridge with the label. One of EGVERSE’s policies this year was to inherit a professional take on our actions. In particular, when communicating with Yuehua, our team stepped away from the mass communication approach to the single line approach. Through the critical emails we sent to the company, we learnt that they quietly took our suggestions into consideration and promptly implemented them. Some of these email suggestions include posting updates on Chinese social media platforms and uploading TikTok clips onto Instagram. Building this connection with Yuehua is paramount to our mission of creating a better fanship experience by giving Forevers a voice.

Financial Summary

With the introduction of projects and the collection of donations, we have been tracking our finances diligently. The donations doesn’t only help us run the projects but rolled over money from the projects helps pay for our operations. Operation costs includes website hosting and maintenance, banner design, support softwares, etc. With 6 projects and well over 130 donation transactions into the EG✧VERSE PayPal account, we collected well over $5000 in donations however our net total is around -$400.


2022 EG✧VERSE Financial Statement
Item Amount
Donations $ 5,624.73
Projects $ (5,637.28)
Operations $ (394.99)
Net Total $ (407.54)

2023 Outlook

We are always striving to improve the fanship experience for Forever and amplify our support for Everglow. Aside from the successful projects we organized this year, our fanbase was not limited to supporting EVERGLOW financially. Unconditional love and support comes first! Although our fanbase has a lot to improve upon this year, our hardworking and growing team will do a better to accurately deliver information on what Forevers need to know from the translations, updates, news, etc. Furthermore, from the feedbacks we have received from you all, we carefully reviewed FOREVERS’ suggestions into consideration in our team’s end of the year meeting and plan on implementing many of them. We greatly appreciate your feedbacks and hopefully we can meet your expectations.

Aside from Forever’s suggestions, we’ve also discussed as team and with the regional fanbases on how to improve the overall supporting environment. One of the main purposes of a fanbase is to help grow the community by outreaching to expand the fandom. Unfortunately, we’ve learnt that there are many who are interested in joining the fandom but many were repelled off certain people’s actions and egregious behavior. The EGVERSE team along with #TeamForever fanbases have come to an agreement to make this fandom become more united, welcoming, and build a healthier community for both the current and new fans alike in 2023 and will introduce a new internal mechanism to make this happen. We hope everyone can cooperate and help us create a positive and memorable experience for all.

Finally, As mentioned earlier, our fanbase will work on presenting the fandom concerns through one line of communication instead of practicing mass mailing from now on as we learnt it’s more effective. In 2023, we are asking to FOREVERS cooperate on this goal and send us your concerns here to have your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions properly communicated with the company.

The above topics mentioned are just a few steps of the many we’ll take next year. We have so much more in store and some are quite revolutionary. We hope with the few years left for Everglow, “We”, Fanbase, Forevers, and Everglow, will grow together and make an impact in the K-pop realm. Thank you for a pleasing 2022 and we look forward to be with you all and Everglow in 2023!

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