EVERGLOW will meet fans again on another online concert this year along with other successful artists

After successfully holding an online concert with fans all around the world in late July, EVERGLOW members preparing to make an appearance in another online concert along with other successful artists such as ALEXA, KARD, ONF, YUBIN, CIGNATURE, and more held by Joy Ruckus Club’s NEW BEGINNING WITH KPOP. EVERGLOW reported appearing on the 28th of August, from 8:00PM to 12:00AM PDT (12:00PM~4:00PM KST) through a live stream on LIVEXLIVE. Only those who purchase a ticket in joyruckusclub.com will be available to attend the concert. Make sure to book your ticket ahead before the 27th of August to have a better chance to enjoy the concert and attend other artists’ performances as well!

Meanwhile, EVERGLOW members are working hard and preparing to show FOREVERs the performances they enjoy and love! There is a high possibility for EVERGLOW to attend KCON:TACT 5 again this year as well. Which is reported to be in mid-September. KCON official account on Twitter, announced that they will reveal the lineup soon, make sure to give them a follow for further updates about the lineup and meet & greet.


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