FANKIT interview: 10 Reasons to Make You Love EVERGLOW

In the late 90s there was a high teen movie called ‘10 Things I Hate About You‘. At the end of the movie, the main character Kat, confesses her love for Patrick through a poem she presented in class. The confession about ‘I hate many aspects of yourself but most of all, I have no choice but to miss and like you’ is the title of this movie and one of the most important scenes in the movie.

Kat didn’t know why she loved Patrick, Kat’s reasons are everything from Patrick’s personality to his appearance. These are things that cannot be known without close observation. Therefore, this interview is more about good things, strengths and charms than weaknesses. We thought that if we dig deep into these ladies and introduce them, fans will fall more in their love. So the topic of this interview is ’10 Reasons to Make You Love EVERGLOW’.

Q. The bright and energetic atmosphere of the set feels to have grown up under a lot of positive influence. I think you got a lot of compliments when you were young. Is there a memorable episode you have growing up?

E:U Ever since I was a child, I haven’t had a tantrum or cried. Even when there were things I wanted to have I never cried, I liked my sister so much that I used to give her all my things. So I used to hear people around me say that I’m a kid who is good at giving.

SIHYEON When I was in 5th grade, I got hooked on ballet and went to an academy. I still remember being praised by my teacher because I am better at tiptoeing than my long-time friends. I was happy and surprised that I started it without expecting this much.

MIA When I was a child, I have learned ballet and did a performance as well. After the performance was over, all of my family congratulated me saying that I did well. I think this memory is what made Mia of EVERGLOW. 

ONDA When I was a kid, I used to stay a lot in my grandmother’s house. One day, my grandmother left the house and I cleaned the living room. When she got back in the evening she praised me and my cleaning, she even made me my favorite sugar noodles. I can’t forget her sweet compliment and the sweet taste of the sugar noodles she made.

AISHA When I was a kid, I was the little one who goes to do errands by myself. The residents of the neighborhood were always praising me saying that I’m a good child. I remember getting delicious things from every store I went to.

YIREN When I was a kid, I was a model and I remember buying gifts for my parents and grandmother with the money I earned. I was happy to see their proud and happy smiles.


Q. There must have been a lot of hardships for you, what’s the most encouraging words said to you?

E:U When I was a trainee, there was a time when my throat got injured. My self-esteem at that time was at its lowest that I really felt like I didn’t belong. However, my mother’s words gave me a lot of strength. “Don’t hold back by thinking it’s hard, but rather find what you are good at, and one day chances will come to you.” Her words still come to my mind whenever I’m having a hard time.

SIHYEON When I was in high school, I was a trainee back then. I studied in mornings and went to practice afterward. Everyday sounded the same, at some point I got depressed. “will I be able to have my debut?” I was worried and tired mentally and physically. I was lying on my desk when my teacher came to me and told me “Sihyeon-ah, I think you’re doing a great job. You don’t need to clean the class for today. You must be tired right? Make sure to eat well.” When he said these words it was so comforting that I got emotional and tears kept falling.

MIA When I felt skeptical about my vocal, my vocal trainer saidyou are really good! Have more confidence in yourself.” At that time, I was really comforted and was able to regain confidence.

ONDA last year, there was a time when I felt like I was trapped in the mold alone. Even my closest friend who’s older than me didn’t know about what hardships I’m going through. But she noticed and said, “your existence itself is special, you are more precious than anyone else.”

AISHA When it was really tough for me and I wanted to give up and was hesitant, one of my acquaintances told me “trust yourself, and be proud of what you’re doing” I would never forget these words.

YIREN When I first went to learn traditional Chinese dance as a child, I didn’t have any experience. so I just expressed my joy according to what felt right to the music and I remember the compliment my teacher made.Yiren-ah, you have a good expression in dancing, you should be a dancer.” somehow, these words are what made me who I am today.

Q. ‘whenever I think about it, this is a good habit I have’ what is the habit you like the most?

E:U the etiquette and manners I have learned growing up.

SIHYEON to always have a positive mindset and to not compare myself to others! When I was young, my mother always took my side and praised me a lot. If I was the only child to my parents, I think I would have grown selfishly, however, I learned my manners thanks to my older brother, who is 3 years older than me. I am today the results of that.

MIA reading books, I grew up naturally reading books under my father’s guidance.

ONDA before going to bed, I prepare the clothes I’m going to wear the next day. That’s just to sleep at least for more 5 minutes in the morning.

AISHA I think it is a good habit to wake up early in the morning, eat breakfast, and take care of my skin, and spend a busy morning.

YIREN Keeping in touch with my mother often. I have been friends with my mom since I was young, so when I have an interesting and fun episode I really want to tell her about it.


Q. Which part of me did the habit help? And the reason is?

E:U I am loved by people around me. I think it has helped to build a good reputation.

SIHYEON I imprinted myself as a ‘positive child’ to others. I myself can live without stress on most of the time.

MIA my writing and speaking have changed and there are many unique ideas that are different from each other. Another good point is that the situation can be resolved through a quick judgment.

ONDA I have more time in the morning, and I can concentrate more when I exercise in the morning, and enjoy the sun with a cup of water.

AISHA It is good to spend the morning time well to welcome a new day and maintain a healthy pattern.

YIREN As I’m growing up, I can’t have enough time to rest but my relationship with my mom is definitely the best. As time went by apart from her, little by little I realized how precious she is and how I really love my mom. 


Q. This is an era where trivial stuff such as how we style our bangs or tie our shoelaces become a fashion. If you could introduce your own way of styling that you’re most confident in, what would it be?

E:U  I’m an expert of eyeliner. I can still make it even though (the point is) a little bit blunt. It’s always possible to do it everywhere as long as I have nails and cotton tips. If it fails, it also can be fixed shortly with these two things.

SIHYEON  Not exactly a styling expert but I have a habit of wearing shoes with the back pushed down whenever I go to the practice room or somewhere else. It feels comfortable to wear it with the back pushed down, this kind of thing has also become a styling method these days!

MIA  I don’t particularly have my own way of styling. For me, usually fashion is the best when it’s comfortable because comfort is the best.

ONDA  Orange coral makeup. The warm toned orange coral palette that I bought became a must-have item for me. The important thing is to fill in about ⅔ under eye with the coral eyeshadow to make it a little cuter.

AISHA  I always decide my makeup style depends on my mood. It’s not a really special way of styling because I really do it depending on how I’m feeling.

YIREN  I don’t think I have a special way of styling. I think the best styling for me is to wear what suits me the most.

Q. If you were to define a character that represents you the best, what would it be? And the reason is?

E:U   Meticulous tiny girl. Despite being small, I’m usually busy organizing and cleaning up things back and forth. I also can make a lot of stuff well and quickly. Multi-talented click clack! (Not a dance!)

SIHYEON  Petit attention seeker. I’ve always loved to receive attention ever since I was a kid. It’s still exactly the same now.

MIA  Among the MBTI types, I’m an INTP. A logical thinker. That’s seriously how I live my life!

ONDA  Smile girl. I laugh and find happiness in little things a lot. As an example, I get really happy just by watching something fun on Netflix together with my family.

AISHA  Strong and confident Yoom. Someone with a refreshing personality and confidence in everything is the character that expresses me the best.

YIREN  ENFJ? ENFP? Everything from both of these seem to be on me. Realistic yet have a lot of imaginations.

Q. This is a very straightforward question but if you could talk about your 10 best charms and strengths, what would they be?

E:U   The charm of being small, thoughtful, good at sports, meticulous, quick to grasp the situation, sympathetic, neat, love animals, good at cooking (roughly), love my parents, well-mannered, a great speaker.

SIHYEON  Have a great patience (good endurance), kind hearted, good at sudoku, persevere through everything, have pretty lips, good at stretching, can speak English, have lots of hair, always positive about everything, able to make a decision quickly

MIA  Realistic, have a good imagination, have lots of curiosity, love animals, patient, clean on my likes and dislikes, passionate, affectionate, always give my all once determined, hardworking.

ONDA  Consistent, easy to smile/laugh, sympathize well with what others say, love dancing, love puppies (of course I also like cats), clothes fit well because of right angled shoulders, have a good stamina, like English, can be super cute, refreshing.

AISHA  Bright, positive, good at expressing, always try to understand others, speak my own mind clearly, have long legs, have pretty hands, persevering, loyal, love animals

YIREN  love animals, realistic, have a good imagination, like to express, modern dance, guzheng (traditional Chinese instrument), playful, able to imitate something well, drawing, flexibility


Q. Don’t you think the way others see you is the most accurate? What do you think are each other’s strengths? And the reason is?

SIHYEON in E:U’s eyes  An outrageous positive girl. She always makes people around her happy.

MIA in SIHYEON’s eyes  She’s really good at dancing. I think that’s her most charming point.

ONDA in MIA’s eyes  She always works hard and does her best in everything.

AISHA in ONDA’s eyes  She has the strength to make the atmosphere light and carefree. That’s why the tension rises when I’m together with Aisha in my boring daily life.

YIREN in AISHA’s eyes  I’ll sum it up with one sentence. She’s really pretty…

E:U in YIREN’s eyes  She’s really good with words. Her caring personality is also really nice. And her voice is really charming when she’s rapping!

Q. You’re already into your 3rd year. What’s the greatest change about yourself? 

E:U  Actually, I think I still lack a lot. Even so, I think the best change is that I get the strength to work even harder.

SIHYEON  That I’ve built closeness with Forever. I’m really happy to have them by my side.

MIA  I became insensible. I’ve learned how to not easily get hurt by things and overcome it.

ONDA  I think I’ve learned how to make myself feel at peace. I realized that the more I act hastily in a busy schedule, the more I make mistakes. I get a much better outcome if I calmly make up my mind.

AISHA  I’ve gained a goal to get through everything including hard times, which is ‘let’s get through this even though it’s tiring, let’s do better’ since I have Forever who’s always by my side. It’s really such a huge motivation for me.

YIREN  My goal and things I want to do became clearer. I’ve also taken better care of people around me and became more expressive.

Q. What kind of person would I be in 10 years? And what compliment would I like to tell my future self?

E:U  A kind hearted filial daughter who relieves her parents’ hardships. “Jiwon-ah, you’re doing great to your parents”

SIHYEON  Seems like I’d still be an entertainer around that time. “My present self will work even harder so that I can thank myself in 10 years, I’ll try my best! Just trust me, Syeon!”

MIA  I wish I could live a life with no problems. “I’m a good person in my own way!”

ONDA  Even though I don’t want to predict myself in 10 years from now (I myself don’t know where I’ll go), I hope I could enjoy my leisure time in a place where I can enjoy nature while constantly receiving love. “You’ve suffered long enough, now enjoy things slowly at your own pace!”

AISHA  I think I would’ve been loved as now and challenged in another kind of field. “You’ve been doing great so far, it’ll be better in the future”

YIREN  I think I would’ve grown a lot and matured as an artist, the things I want to do also would’ve been accomplished one by one. “Thank you very much for choosing whatever you want, you’ll surely succeed just as much as you’re working hard. There’s no need to hurry, you can do as well as you’re right now. I trust you!”


Trans. everglowkr & Tami

Photos. @yoorimlover00 on Twitter

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I’m already in love with each and every members 😍😍

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