2022 Yiren's Birthday Project (Dear Yiren)

Just a few weeks from now Yiren will celebrate her 23rd birthday in Korea. We’re thrilled to announce that will be holding a message book project for Yiren’s birthday!! We have prepared some fun questions to answer for the book content and you’ll get to share a cheering message as well. To avoid any delay in printing or delivery, we only have 10 days from now to receive FOREVER messages to be able to start working on the rest of the process.
But hey! Good news! FOREVER who contributed over $100 to our fundraising projects this year will have the opportunity to write a message. If you want to send a message, you can send it along with your donation to this project😊. In addition, 10 lucky winners will have the opportunity to send a message without donating.

Participate in the message book (Questionaire form):


  • Please use either English/Korean/Chinese (no papago or google trans)
  • Any message deem inappropriate will not be included.
  • Please keep in mind, you don’t have to donate to participate. Only if you want to have your space in the message section where all messages there will be translated into Mandarin!
  • As a token of appreciation, those who already donated $100 this year will get dibs on messages.
  • If you have not donated over $100 or more this year, you can send your message along with your donation of $5 or above.
  • We’ll lottery 10 free fan letters.

Dear Yiren Message Questionaire:

  • Application Type*
  • Only for those who donated, please input PayPal name and email otherwise input N/A.*
  • Email*
  • Twitter Handle*
  • First Name/Nickname*
  • Last Name (Optional)
  • Which country do you reside in*
  • A song that reminds you of Yiren*
  • A song you recommend to Yiren*
  • Favorite Stage of Yiren on “The Mew”
  • Favorite Yiren Fan Cam*
  • What do you like about Yiren the most*
  • Food Suggestion for Yiren
  • A short message to cheer on Yiren*
  • Share a fanart or design a nailart for Yiren (Optional)
  • Signature (Please Scan or entire entry will not be accepted)*

Fanarts/images submission:

  • Please make sure your fanart in 300dpi (jpeg/png)
  • Please make/resize/crop your fanart to 1000×1000 pixels

Project Goal: $300

We will be accepting funds until 23rd of November

All the funds for this project will go towards printing the message book, designing, wrapping, and shipping. We will share a picture of the project on the day of delivery on our Twitter page! 

Meanwhile, we will stop receiving funds for 2023 Mia’s birthday project temporarily until the 23rd of November(after Yiren’s project fundraising) and will receive your funds again for Mia’s project from 23rd of November up until the postponed date of December 15th 2022.
Let’s wrap up this year with warm messages from FOREVER to Yiren. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach us through our DM on twitter 😊
Please look forward to further updates and progress regarding Yiren and Mia’s projects on our Twitter @EVERGLOWFB . Thank you, FOREVER.
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If you’re a fanbase and would like to collaborate on this project, please reach us through our DM on Twitter (@EVERGLOWFB).