2022 Aisha's Birthday Project

It’s time for our second project for this year~!

we’re going to make yet another project for Aisha’s birthday that will be on July 20!

This time we’re sending a pretty pricy present! Regardless of the price, we aim to gift Aisha something fits with her style and character, and so we found a cute and classy Saint Laurent clutch bag that will perfectly match Aisha 

Our team managed to contribute more than half the budget for this gift, considering how it might be too expensive and hard to collect the full price. As for now we only have one item on the list for Aisha’s birthday present.. it might sound like nothing, but this gift represent our love as we specifically chose it thinking of Aisha.

Project Total

Gift: $293 (excluding our team contributions)

Shipping, gift wrapping and delivery to Yuehua Entertainment: $264

Total: $557

Donations will be up until July 10

All donations to this project will go towards purchasing, wrapping and shipping the gift along with a birthday card with all donors names listed. We will post a picture of the card and gifts on the day of delivery.

Check out our previous project for E:U&Onda’s birthday last month: 2022 E:U & ONDA BIRTHDAY PROJECT


Please note, if you’re a fanbase and would like to collaborate on this project, please reach us through our DM on Twitter (@EVERGLOWFB)