FOREVER X STAY Album Giveaway Collab!

Everglow x Stray Kids Voting Collaboration/Album Giveaway! VMA Countdown 00Days 00Hours 00Minutes 00Seconds General Information Forevers and Stays are teaming up! Forevers and Stays will vote for Stray Kids’ <<Maniac>>  as “VMAs Best K-pop Song of 2022” until August 19th @ 6PM KST Stays and Forever will vote for Everglow on The Show in the Pre- and Live- vote and help stream their new comeback song. This period is TBD. Chance to Win Sealed New Everglow and Stray Kids Albums! How to Win? The albums will be raffled away after Everglow’s appearance on “The Show”. You may enter the raffle by voting and submitting your vote proof under the twitter […]

2022 Sihyeon’s Birthday Project

2022 Sihyeon’s Birthday Project It’s time for our third project for this year! As we’re approaching August soon, there is no other than its queen, Kim Sihyeon Even though the time between Aisha’s birthday and Sihyeon’s is short, we understand how hard it is to contribute to both projects early and thought it’s better to start with Sihyeon’s right after. Because of the short time, we couldn’t look for suggestions, but we are dedicated to pick out unique gifts that we know Sihyeon will absolutely love.          Gift list: One piece dress  Swarovski necklace Dior ultra care liquid (no.569) Customized fine art canvas Handmade teapot Michael Michael […]

2022 Aisha Birthday Project

2022 Aisha’s Birthday Project It’s time for our second project for this year~! we’re going to make yet another project for Aisha’s birthday that will be on July 20! This time we’re sending a pretty pricy present! Regardless of the price, we aim to gift Aisha something fits with her style and character, and so we found a cute and classy Saint Laurent clutch bag that will perfectly match Aisha ♡ Our team managed to contribute more than half the budget for this gift, considering how it might be too expensive and hard to collect the full price. As for now we only have one item on the list for Aisha’s […]

[Behind the Scenes] 2022 E:U & ONDA BIRTHDAY PROJECT

2022 E:U & ONDA BIRTHDAY PROJECT About a month ago, we posted about our first project for our dear Onda and EU birthday. Our goals were either a subway ad or birthday cake. And when we got our funds ready, we realized that we needed to purchase our ad at least 3 weeks in advance, so we won’t be able to promote Onda and EU’s birthdays on time. So both admin Hannah and I got the designs ready in advance. We tried to come up with cake designs that fits our girl’s style. In the 10th of this month, the same day we stopped receiving FOREVERS donations, we contacted the […]

TMRW KOREA Magazine interview with EVERGLOW

TMRW KOREA Magazine interview with EVERGLOW I WANT TO CREATE OUR OWN GENRE OF MUSIC CALLED ‘EVERGLOW”,” SAID MIA, THE MAIN VOCALIST OF EVERGLOW. SHE SEEMED VERY DETERMINED ABOUT THE DIRECTION HER GROUP WAS HEADED TOWARDS: “I BELIEVE WE’RE IN THAT PROCESS RIGHT NOW. WE WILL BE MAKING A POWERFUL COMEBACK WITH OUR NEXT SONG”. EVERGLOW, a K-pop girl group comprised of six members-E:U, Sihyeon, Mia, Onda, Aisha, and Yiren, debuted with their first single “Arrival of Everglow” in March of 2019. Since their debut, all of their title tracks have landed a spot in the top 5 of the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart, and all the songs […]

E:U & Onda 2022 Birthday Project

2022 E:U & ONDA BIRTHDAY PROJECT Hello FOREVERS,In less than two months, our dear E:U & Onda will be celebrating their birthday. To celebrate their birthday this year, we will start our first project and it is our first project to make as fanbase and we are so excited!! 🙂 There were many ideas we would love to achieve!! However, we do understand how challenging this will be for us so we came up with 2 possible goals that we think we can aim for. Project 1 (200~300 USD): BIRTHDAY CAKE of course, cakes are a must to celebrate our girl’s birthday! It would be nice to send a warm personalized cake and we have a […]

Everglow joins artists such as ATEEZ, Fromis_9, and Woodz to perform at MU:CON on Oct. 10th at 7 PM KST | Schedule and Stream Details

On Oct. 10th, Everglow will be one of the six invitees to perform at the 10th MU:CON, South Korea’s largest music trade show. Performing at the three-day event are other invitees, Woodz, ATEEZ, Fromis_9, ONF, and Golden Child, along with other various performers such as Alexa, Hot Issue, and PIXY. Stream Details The performance will be streamed free on “The K-POP” YouTube Channel For additional information, check out MU:CON’s website Schedule Day 1 | 9/30  Part 1: 19:00 KST NCT DREAM, ASTRO, PENTAGON, WONHO, MONNI, YOUNHA, Samuel Seo, SORAN, JAMBINAI, The Tell-Tale Heart, Brave Girls Part 2: 20:30 KST AleXa, Rudals, T1419, HOT ISSUE, DANGGISIO, Jo Jung Min, TRI.BE, OSN […]

Everglow to perform at the 12th INCHEON K-POP Concert alongside acts such as Aespa, Woodz, and NCT127

Yesterday, September 13th, Everglow was announced to take part in the 12th INCHEON K-POP Concert (INK Concert). Everglow will be performing alongside NCT127, THE BOYZ, aespa, STAYC, FROMIS_9, ONF, WOODZ, CIX, CRAVITY, and EPEX next Saturday, September 25th at 7 PM KST. Organized by Incheon Metropolitan City and Incheon Tourism Organization, the music concert is purposed to promote the City of Incheon through a free live stream! INK Concert Live will be streamed through the “THE K-POP” YouTube channel and INK’s official website. INK Concert, Incheon’s representative cultural event, held every year since 2009 to inform Incheon and attract foreign tourists. 350,000 spectators, INK concert ticket pre-sale Achieved a record […]

FANKIT interview: 10 Reasons to Make You Love EVERGLOW

In the late 90s there was a high teen movie called ‘10 Things I Hate About You‘. At the end of the movie, the main character Kat, confesses her love for Patrick through a poem she presented in class. The confession about ‘I hate many aspects of yourself but most of all, I have no choice but to miss and like you’ is the title of this movie and one of the most important scenes in the movie. Kat didn’t know why she loved Patrick, Kat’s reasons are everything from Patrick’s personality to his appearance. These are things that cannot be known without close observation. Therefore, this interview is more […]

Bon Bon Chocolat surpasses 100M views on YouTube and becomes Everglow’s 4th MV to achieve this feat

August 25th, Everglow’s debut title track, Bon Bon Chocolat, surpasses 100M views on YouTube and becomes Everglow’s 4th MV to achieve this milestone after “La Di Da”, “Adios”, and “Dun Dun”. With this accomplishment, Everglow leaped over (G)I-DLE to rank 2nd amongst 4th gen girl groups with the most M/Vs over 100M views. Congratulations to Everglow! Bon Bon Chocolat premiered on March 18, 2019. Produced by Melanie Joy Fontana, Michel Schulz & Jurek Reunamäki and choreographed by 1MILLION Dance Studio’s Lia Kim and Minyoung Park, the trap-styled EDM garnered a lot of attention amongst the K-pop community. With the addictive chorus and eye-catching dance,  the music video accumulated well over […]