EVERGLOW reportedly to make a comeback by the end of the year.

After about four months since their successful comeback with “Last Melody”, EVERGLOW is reported to be making their comeback in the second half of 2021.

On October 4th, Star News reported that Yuehua Entertainment is planning to launch their new boy group TEMPEST and Choi Yena’s debut soon. In the article also mentioned that EVERGLOW will be making their comeback with a new album on the second half of 2021.

With only 3 months remain until the end of the year, EVERGLOW is surely going to make another impactful comeback. We urge our fellow Forevers to start preparing for their comeback to make it another successful comeback for EVERGLOW. Follow our official accounts to keep up with the plans we are going to do throughout the comeback.


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2 anos atrás

I am so excited.

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