EVERGLOW X UNICEF合作公益曲《PROMISE》发布!舞蹈挑战将于8月25日发布!

At 6 PM KST, Everglow and UNICEF released the highly anticipated “Promise” M/V, a song that conveys Everglow and UNICEF’s ‘promise to protect children in the global village’. Complementary to the song, Everglow and The Korean Committee for UNICEF announced the “UNICEF promise campaign” dance challenge. The dance challenge is designed for anyone to participate […]


The Korean Committee for UNICEF announced on the 25th, “We are starting the UNICEF promise campaign ‘Dance Challenge’ with Everglow, a girl group under Yuehua Entertainment.” This ‘Dance Challenge’ is designed so that anyone can participate in a fun and simple way by adding dance to the Promise campaign, which is a ‘promise to protect […]


Moments ago, Everglow released the highly anticipated “Promise” M/V teasers on Stone Music’s channel. The song is created in collaboration with UNICEF to help drive awareness for the #foreverygirl campaign, a mission “which insists that the survival, protection, and development of children are universal development imperatives that are integral to human progress” according to UNICEF. […]

"EVERGLOW PROMISE"预告将于韩国当地时间8月23日6点放出

After Everglow announced their ambassadorship for UNICEF’s #foreverygirl campaign to support the empowerment of young females. EVERGLOW staff account on Twitter, posted another teaser titled ‘EVERGLOW PROMISE‘. When fans discovered that producers who have worked on EVERGLOW discographies such as Ollipop and Gavin Jones might get their hands on it this time too, FOREVERS speculated […]


Earlier today, Everglow’s staff account tweeted a teaser poster of an Everglow and UNICEF collaboration. Forevers speculated whether the teaser was hinting at a song for UNICEF’s #foreverygirl campaign after Ollipop and Gavin Jones Everglow songs such as Dun Dun, teased the poster as well. A few hours after the teaser poster, Shiyeon confirms a […]


11 months ago, Everglow announced their ambassadorship for UNICEF’s #foreverygirl campaign to support the empowerment of young females. Near the closing of The First concert last month, it was hinted the group would be collaborating with UNICEF on a project, but the scope of the collaboration was unknown at the time. Today, August 20th at […]


Exactly two years ago, Everglow revealed their fandom name, Forever, to the public at their second single album showcase. “The name has two meanings: ‘For EVERGLOW’ (existing for EVERGLOW), and also becoming one with EVERGLOW and being together forever. The notice explains, ‘It means the future of being together forever with fans who exist for […]

《La di da》油管点击量破亿,阁楼第三支破亿MV解锁!

“La Di Da” becomes Everglow’s 3rd music video to surpass 100M views on YouTube after “Dun Dun” and “Adios“, an achievement only a few 4th gens have achieved. The release of “La Di Da” captured the attention of many listeners with its retro throwback and strong message towards all their haters. The song hitting 100M […]

新里程碑:《Last Melody》成为EVERGLOW首张销量破五万的专辑!

Last Melody becomes Everglow’s first album to hit 50k+ album sales, a milestone many forevers desired. The recently released Gaon’s monthly chart for July placed Last Melody at #65, selling 7,079 copies for an accumlated 52,934 copies, a near 5000 album-on-album increase. At the beginning of July, Everglow announced their first dedicated Japanese online fan […]