Everglow x Stray Kids Voting Collaboration/Album Giveaway!

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General Information

Forevers and Stays are teaming up!

  • Forevers and Stays will vote for Stray Kids’ <<Maniac>>  as “VMAs Best K-pop Song of 2022” until August 19th @ 6PM KST
  • Stays and Forever will vote for Everglow on The Show in the Pre- and Live- vote and help stream their new comeback song. This period is TBD.

Chance to Win Sealed New Everglow and Stray Kids Albums!

How to Win?

  • The albums will be raffled away after Everglow’s appearance on “The Show”. You may enter the raffle by voting and submitting your vote proof under the twitter thread. There’s no limit to how many entries you may earn.
    • VMA: 50 Votes = 1 Raffle Entry
    • The Show: 50 Heart = 1 Entry
  • Your proof posted in the thread must be legible and include:
    • Twitter ID Watermark
    • Fandom Watermark (Stay/Forever)
    • Screenshot of entire screen if using cellphone and screenshot of voting and date and time on the bottom right corner.
    • #FOREVERXSTAY in the tweet
  • If you have multiple screenshots, please make it into a collage to reduce the number of tweets.
  • Your entries will be logged into our database and your number of entries can be access at the bottom of this page.

How to Vote for Stray Kids on VMAs

  1. Open the VMA voting link
  2.  Scroll down to “Best K-pop” > Stray Kids
  3.  Click on the ‘+’ sign 
  4.  A login field will prompt if you haven’t signed in already. Use any of the login choices. *No password needed for the “enter email address”. Just fill your email and click login.
  5. Click on the ‘+’ until maximum votes are reached.
  6. Click submit.
  7. Scroll down and click log out https://www.mtv.com/vma/vote/best-k-pop


  • You can vote everyday
  • Multiple accounts are allowed for every device
  • We suggest to vote during power hour because votes are doubled to 20 per accounts during 2AM KST to 3AM KST Daily.
  • Normal maximum votes are 10 but votes are doubled on August 19th between 12 am and 6 pm EST
  • After logging out, you can login again from any other emails.
  • Please do not change your Twitter ID otherwise the entries logged on the unused ID will be forfeited

How to Vote for Everglow on "The Show" (Coming Soon...)

Entry Tracker

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