Bugs Guide

Bugs is a Korean streaming service similar to Spotify and Apple Music that is accessible to international fans. Bugs streaming numbers are accounted in Gaon charts, a chart used by Music Shows to calculate digitals.

Navigate to the following: Account Creation | Stream Pass Purchase

Account Creation

Step 1

 Open the APP and TAP “내 음악”

Step 2

TAP “로그인”

Step 3

TAP “벅스 회원가입”

Step 4

TAP “이메일로 벅스 회원가입”

Step 5

Input your email, password, retype password, username , Date of Birth in the following format (YYYYMMDD)

Step 6

Select Gender, Country, Input Phone Number, Tap “인증” and you will receive a verification code by text

Step 7

Input the 6 digit verification code, Tap “확인”, Tap “아래 내용에 모두 동의합니다” and Tap “가입 완료”

Step 8

:partying_face: Congratulations! You have created your Bugs Account. Continue following instructions to purchase streaming pass

Stream Pass Purchase

Step 1

Open APP to home page and Tap “내 음악”

Step 2

Tap on the ticket icon on the top right of your screen

Step 3

Tap “일반”

Step 4

Scroll down to Google Play method of payment plans, Tap “구매”, then finish your purchase via Google Play!