YouTube Streaming Guide


  • Make sure to be logged into a YouTube Account
  • Watch in 480p resolution of above
  • Watch the video without skipping or pausing
  • Volume should be at least 50% or higher
  • Watch 2-3 videos in between the main streaming video
  • Search the MV using the search bar
  • Report negative or spam comments


  • Don’t Use a playlist to assist streaming
  • Don’t use incognito browsing mode
  • Don’t clear watch history or cache
  • Don’t use autoplay
  • Don’t mute the video
  • Don’t use multiple tabs
  • Don’t replay the video immediately after watching


  • Videos in the playlists no longer count multiple views
  • If the views freeze be sure to view the mv through articles. Viewing the MV through a third party medium automatically verifies it on YouTube’s end.
  • If you do not receive an ad at the beginning or end of the MV there is chance you are streaming incorrectly unless you have YouTube Premium. Make sure to go over the steps again or take a 10-20 min break of streaming the MV. (A suggestion would be to watch an unrelated content)
  • Streaming on multiple devices will not work unless you are connect to a separate IP Address.