Forevers and Hush turn two, Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Exactly two years ago, Everglow revealed their fandom name, Forever, to the public at their second single album showcase. “The name has two meanings: ‘For EVERGLOW’ (existing for EVERGLOW), and also becoming one with EVERGLOW and being together forever. The notice explains, ‘It means the future of being together forever with fans who exist for EVERGLOW.'” (Soompi)

It has been a celebratory week for Forevers as “La Di Da” surpassed 100M views on YouTube yesterday while Forevers and Hush turn two today. The celebration won’t stop soon. “Bon Bon Chocolat” will be surpassing 100M views on YouTube in the coming days, making it Everglow’s 4th M/V to surpass the 100M mark.

Stream Bon Bon Chocolat!


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