2023 1st Comeback Drive

Everglow has been preparing for a long awaited and highly anticipated comeback. With the “Return of the Girls” and your support, let’s give the Glows an invigorating and memorable welcome back. Our goal for this comeback is simple: promote Everglow and their new album, and most importantly help Everglow win their 3rd music show. To do this, we need all the support we can get so “Please Please” help us spread the message of this project as it is the largest project we’ve ever “dun”. 



This project has 5 sub-projects and is categorized under Music Shows (priority) and Promotions. The music show sub-projects are proposed to propel the glows into the top on SBS The Show. The promotion sub-projects are introduced to market Everglow and their new album to the general public. 

[Music Shows]

  • Sub-projects #1: Streaming Accounts (Target: $XXX)
  • Sub-projects #2: SBS The Show Pre-vote Heart Jellies (Target: $XXX)


  • Sub-projects #3: Twitter Ads ($500)
  • Sub-projects #4: Subway Ads (Yeoksam + adt’l) ($1000)
  • Sub-projects #5: iTunes ($300)

Music Show sub-projects do not display the Target amount but the donation progress will be represented with a percentage progress bar. We do this for the sake of the music show competition. We will disclose the amount once all the music shows are over in our “Behind the Scene” post on our website under the “Projects” page.

The donation collection for the sub-projects will be on a sequential basis, which means, donations will go towards only ONE sub-project at any given time until its completion and will follow the numerical sub-project order. For example, if sub-project #1 isn’t complete, donations will continue to fund the 1st project until we meet our goal. If subproject #2 isn’t complete, then donations will continue to fund project #2 until completion and so on until project #5 is complete. If donations exceed our target, we’ll continue to accept donations and continue to fund the sub-projects based on the need at the time accordingly. 


How to Participate:

Donate to this Project

This is a money intensive project so we need all the help we can!

Join Our Stream Team

We need streamers to help Everglow chart on Bugs! You can purchase your own account and pass or you can borrow one from us at no cost. 


  • Able to access Bugs on PC or Mobile
  • Must be able to stream once every hour for 12 (Subjected to change) hours or more
  • Must be able to show stream history

Word of Mouth:

Help us spread the message of this project and Everglow’s comeback on all the social media platforms you are on!


Auxiliary Project:

We’re working with @PortalEverglow to promote the M/V on Twitter/Tiktok/YouTube via running ads. 

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