2023 Onda and EU’s Birthday

2023 E:U & ONDA BIRTHDAY PROJECT Hello FOREVERS, In about two months, our dear E:U & Onda will be celebrating their birthday. Our 2022 E:U & Onda Birthday Project was a success and we’ll try to replicate that this year! Goal Onda’s Birthday Presents (325 USD) E:U’s Birthday Presents (325 USD) A total of 650 USD. In addition, if […]

[Canceled] 2023 1st Comeback Drive

2023 1st Comeback Drive Everglow has been preparing for a long awaited and highly anticipated comeback. With the “Return of the Girls” and your support, let’s give the Glows an invigorating and memorable welcome back. Our goal for this comeback is simple: promote Everglow and their new album, and most importantly help Everglow win their […]

[Behind the Scenes] 2023 Mia’s Birthday Project

[Behind the Scenes] 2023 Mia’s Birthday Project Thank you to everyone that supported and participated in this project. Most of the items have been wrapped and delivered on time however we do have one more item that’ll be delivered a week later due to logistical issues. Gifts Financial Statement 2023 Mia’s Birthday Project Financial Statement […]

[Behind the Scenes] 2022 “Dear Yiren” Birthday Project

[Behind the Scenes] 2022 Yiren’s Birthday Project (Dear Yiren) Thank you to everyone that supported and participated in this project. Originally this project limited the number of entries to 30 people but due to the surplus of donations, we were able include all 49 participants. This was our first time sending a message book and […]

EG✧VERSE 2022 Year-end Summary

EG✧VERSE 2022 Year-end Summary Happy New Year Forevers. It’s that time of the year where we say goodbye to the previous year and say hello to the new year. We hope everyone is doing well and ready to support Everglow in 2023! This fanbase was started back in 2021 in the hopes to provide a […]

[Behind the Scenes] 2022 Kazakhstan Lightsticks Project

[Behind the Scenes] 2022 Kazakhstan Lightsticks Project This project came about during a discussion with Kazakh forevers when one of them mentioned the concert organizer was funding the local forevers to purchase LED sticks. That’s when we jumped in and took the opportunity to help since a member of our team has experience with leds […]

[Behind the Scenes] Aisha and Sihyeon’s 2022 Birthday Project

[Behind the Scenes] 2022 Aisha and Sihyeon’s Birthday Project Thank you to all those who donated and supported our girls! Without your help, none of this would have been possible. Sihyeon’s Birthday Project Preparing Sihyeon’s birthday project was one of the most difficult projects to date (as of 11/16/2022). We encountered issues with professional wrapping, […]

2022 “Dear Yiren” Birthday Project

2022 Yiren’s Birthday Project (Dear Yiren) Hello FOREVER~ Just a few weeks from now Yiren will celebrate her 23rd birthday in Korea. We’re thrilled to announce that will be holding a message book project for Yiren’s birthday!! We have prepared some fun questions to answer for the book content and you’ll get to share a cheering […]

2023 Mia’s Birthday Project

2023 Mia’s Birthday Project Hello FOREVER~ Thanks to you, we’ve been able to support our girls with good projects this year. From cakes to share our excitement and support to FOREVERS in Kazakhstan with EVERGLOW light sticks to cheer EVERGLOW in their first solo concert. As we’re approaching the end of the year, we would […]

2022 Kazakhstan Concert Lightstick Project

Kazakhstan Concert Light Sticks Project https://egverse.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Untitled-video-Made-with-Clipchamp-5.mp4 It’s time for our Fourth project for this year! Let’s help the Kazakh Forevers and provide Everglow with the best concert environment they will have so far! We will be working with Kazakh Forevers on this project! Our goal is to collect $1250 to purchase 500 custom made Everglow […]