EVERGLOW’s Dun Dun heated up the arena during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

With people all around the world tuning in to Tokyo 2020 Olympics, one of EVERGLOW’s most successful songs can be heard echoing inside Ariake Arena.

The preliminary round of Women’s Volleyball between Japan and South Korea was held on Saturday (July 31st, 2021). During the fifth set, South Korea’s wing spiker, Park Jeong-Ah managed to get the sixth point for the team and EVERGLOW’s Dun Dun was played inside the arena.

The bass-heavy song which carries the meaning of taking down anyone standing in their way seems to be the perfect song in showing South Korea’s passion to win the game. EVERGLOW’s Dun Dun music video has also reached over 200 million views on YouTube, making it one of their iconic songs that is loved by people all around the world.

Check out the victorious moment in the clip below!

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2 years ago


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