Everglow speculated to release a collaboration song with UNICEF after teaser poster and hints from producers

11 months ago, Everglow announced their ambassadorship for UNICEF’s #foreverygirl campaign to support the empowerment of young females. Near the closing of The First concert last month, it was hinted the group would be collaborating with UNICEF on a project, but the scope of the collaboration was unknown at the time.

Today, August 20th at 5:30 EST, Everglow released a teaser poster of the girls outfitted in white-angelic-styled dress and in large cream-colored serif font “EVERGLOW FOR UNICEF PROMISE CAMPAIGN”. Shortly after the poster release, Ollipop and Gavin Jones who have been producers of various Everglow songs such as Dun Dun hinted at their participation on Instagram. In light of the given information, many Forevers speculate the collaboration with include a song with Ollipop and Gavin Jones as producers. To be released on August 25 at 6PM KST, we all look forward to the girl’s collaboration with UNICEF.



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