“La Di Da” surpass 100M views and becomes Everglow’s 3rd M/V to achieve this feat

“La Di Da” becomes Everglow’s 3rd music video to surpass 100M views on YouTube after “Dun Dun” and “Adios“, an achievement only a few 4th gens have achieved. The release of “La Di Da” captured the attention of many listeners with its retro throwback and strong message towards all their haters. The song hitting 100M views became highly anticipated after Sihyeon promised Forevers a ‘Smurf make-up’ cover of “La Di Da” at their latest comeback, Last Melody, showcase interview.

“La Di Da” was released last year on September 21st as the title track of the mini-album –77.82 x -78.29. Shortly after its release, the song was not only widely appreciated by Forevers and K-Pop fans but the magazine and news critics alike, making a significant contribution to K-pop in 2020. As Billboard stated, “When a group drops the greatest song of 2020 less than two years into their career, you can’t help but feel hopeful for the future of K-pop music at large.”


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“The Songs and Albums That Defined Kpop’s Monumental Year in 2020” (La Di Da)
“The 40 Best K-Pop Songs of 2020” (La Di Da) – #16
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The next Everglow M/V to surpass 100M views is their debut song Bon Bon Chocolat which has 99,847,837 views as of August 16th. The music video is projected to hit 100M views in a short 9 days, on August 27th. To follow the live and daily view counts of Bon Bon Chocolat, click on the hyperlinks.

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